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CEO Atul Patel Sits Down with Cynopsis Media to Discuss the Current State of Digital Video

cynopsismedia1 CEO Atul Patel Sits Down with Cynopsis Media to Discuss the Current State of Digital Video
OneScreen CEO Atul Patel had the opportunity to sit down with the editor of Cynopsis Media’s Digital morning brief to discuss the current state of digital video and the role OneScreen is playing in pushing the industry forward.

Below is a preview of the conversation, which can be enjoyed in full through Cynopsis Media here.


Atul Patel is the CEO and Founder of OneScreen, a company that is pretty much trying to do it all in terms of providing technology for almost everyone involved in the digital video space. Here he discusses the role his company plays in the entire ecosystem, as well as where the digital video space currently is and where it needs to go.

I would describe your company as an all-in-one digital video company. How do you help all of the stakeholders within the space?

Our mission is to provide audiences with greater access to content when, where, and how they want. And the only way to do this is to successfully partner with the three key stakeholders in this industry, which include producers, publishers, and advertisers. Similar to how the term “social graph” describes how people are connected with each other, OneScreen’s media graph defines how these key stakeholders are connected with each other in the network, powered by our solutions.

What we do is provide each of these stakeholders with tools for their respective roles in the digital video economy, allowing them to connect with each other and their audience. So for producers it’s content and rights management, encoding, and so forth. For publishers, we offer playout tools such as players, applications, advertising optimization, and payment management. And we provide advertisers with media buying capabilities, audience segmentation tools, and data. OneScreen also enables aggregators that represent producers, networks that represent publishers, and agencies that represent advertisers. Our inclusive platform allows them to connect and seamlessly transact with each other through a powered Media Graph.

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