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Defying the Gravity of Cable Giants: HBO Nordic AB and Its Implications

hbo2 Defying the Gravity of Cable Giants: HBO Nordic AB and Its Implications

In a system of established cable and television business models with restrictive syndication, it seems the only way to push the evolution of video forward is to approach distribution in as many angles and in as many territories as possible. HBO is finally embarking on this frontier with their recent announcement of HBO Nordic AB, a service that will provide HBO content direct to consumers for the first time in Europe.

It’s true that HBO is only doing this in countries where its cable business model is not as entrenched.  However, this move is a symbol of changing audience expectations and the very real opportunities that exist for video producers and publishers if they will only tap in.

HBO Nordic AB is set to launch in mid-October in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, bringing the company one small step closer to having content everywhere the audience can watch it. The channel will sell streaming subscriptions of HBO content and licensed content to non-cable customers for the first time. However, even with growing consumer demand, HBO has been hesitant to bring a similar service to the United States.

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