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Pushing Standards Beyond Their Limits: A Recipe for Innovation

standardsrecipe Pushing Standards Beyond Their Limits: A Recipe for Innovation

There can be a tendency to confuse “standards” with over-simplification in advertising and media. Companies in the IAB Digital Video Committee (in which my company, OneScreen, participates) come together to create standards that reasonably accommodate the industry’s current needs based on their respective business and technical requirements. With standards adoption becoming more widespread, we would expect to see more businesses utilizing them to launch into new areas of innovation.

Instead, the usual outcome often leads the industry towards “common denominator” scenarios with the same creative implementation ending up everywhere. It doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t  be this way. IAB’s VSuite provides advertisers and even producers and publishers with the frameworks for implementing creative solutions into standards that attract, inform, and engage with much less effort than before.

Read our CEO’s full opinion featured in AdMonsters here.

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